Lorde’s Liability Lullaby


Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, better known as Lorde, has recently made her comeback after she took the  music industry by storm in 2013, at age 16, with her freshman album, Pure Heroine.  “Liability”, another song off her highly anticipated second studio album, was released on March 9.

“i wanted you to have a new song from Melodrama, a new chapter of the story – this is Liability,” tweeted the singer on the day of the song’s release.

Lorde announced the title of her sophomore album, Melodrama, on March 2. The first single of the album, Green Light, was released the following day. The New Zealand singer an additional song off her album, albeit not a single, “Liability”, less than a week later.

“Liability” was written by Lorde and Jack Antonoff and, like her prior single, differs from any content she has released before, both in lyrics and musical composition. “Liability’s” lyrics are sung from the perspective of a girl who is too much for anyone. Her life is a “storm” which people abandon when they become bored with her and realize she is nothing but a liability.

“remember being in a big beautiful verdant studio in la with jack and those falling chords sounding like the music i grew up on,” the singer shared about the writing process.

The song relies heavily on piano and Lorde’s raw vocals. The simplicity of its musical composition and personal lyrics allow Lorde to show an emotional range that cannot be found in any of her other songs. The song is honest and painful and beautiful. Lorde’s growth and maturation since her first album is evident in this new release.

“Liability” was a courageous step for the singer. The personal nature of the song can be heard in all of its aspects. Lorde is sharing a completely new side of her with this single and hopefully this type of emotion and honestly will translate into the success it deserves.

Lorde shared the song’s importance for her with her fans, tweeting, “wow feels big and intense having liability out in the world strange part of myself for a lot of people to look at.”

I give Lorde’s new single, “Liability”, a 5/5. As a longtime fan, I may be a bit biased, but the new song is genuinely beautiful and shows that Lorde has only grown as an artist since her last release. Based on the already released songs and SNL performance, which received positive reviews, Lorde’s new album should not disappoint. Melodrama will be released on June 16.

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