Patiently Waiting


BALDWIN PARK, CA– The time has come when the last of the acceptance letters are scheduled to arrived. Many  UC admission decisions are to arrive by the 31 of March and privates are to come by April 1. This has many seniors extremely anxious about the decisions they may receive.

Jesus Aguilar, an applicant for many UC’s and privates, describes his feelings towards the upcoming dates. He said, “These few weeks in March are really intense since college applications are coming all at around the same time. It’s astonishing to think that these few weeks have an huge impact on what we do for the rest of our lives.”

Many students like Aguilar are feeling the exact same way. Camila Rodriguez is feeling the anxiety that many students in the country are facing. She   expressed, ” Getting rejected from colleges is not going to kill me, it’s the waiting we have to do that gets me anxious.”

Some students are already feeling the frustration that college is going to be. Some colleges have released admission decisions throughout the month of March; however, according to Erik Garcia, UCI has been slacking on getting back to their applicants. He expressed his frustration to Vanguard saying,  “I feel pretty anxious for the acceptances, and I am mad at UCI because they are slacking and haven’t sent me anything. Today was the day the acceptance were supposed to go out.”

Overall, this is an overwhelming time for most seniors, as they start thinking into their future and saving money for ramen noodles and taco trucks.



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