Linda Preciado

Senior of the Week 11/9 - 11/13

Linda Preciado

Linda Preciado is the senior of the week for the week of November 9-13. Linda was nominated for her ability to balance all of her roles. Currently, Linda has a job, maintains a high GPA, is the GSA Vice President, the Debate Club Treasurer, and a proud member of the BPHS Vanguard News.

As Vice President of GSA, Linda is heavily involved in all the activities and fundraisers that GSA conducts.

As Debate Club Treasurer, Linda helps with all the fundraising activities, and is an active member in the club as well.

She is also a reporter for the BPHS Vanguard News; she looks into an array of various topics involving what happens both inside and outside of the school.

Although Linda’s schedule is heavily packed, she manages to also have an after school job. When asked what having a job has done to help her she said, “It’s helped me learn how to manage my time and it’s helped me gain responsibilities.” Just goes to show how it’s possible to be as busy as a bee while still being academically successful, as proven by her 3.9 GPA.

Linda Preciado might might seem shy at first, that might be because she is, but underneath she’s a hardworking and charismatic student.

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