Spring Ahead


BALDWIN PARK, CA– Just a few weeks ago, rain and wind dominated Southern California with its chilly weather. But now it’s 7:30 PM and the sun’s still out? It’s that time of the year when the days are longer and people act like they’re more productive, because technically, it’s supposed to be a certain time when it’s actually another.

The daylight-savings time change may be a hassle at times but the United States (not including the majority of Arizona) has been observing it for many decades. Africa and Asia do not observe daylight saving.

“My opinion on daylight savings is that it is a great way to do more things during the day because you think you have more time but in reality you don’t. I prefer one hour back,” said BPHS junior Elizabeth Larios. “I think time affects us students because we are used to something and then one day it just changes, and also how early we wake up.” Larios seems indifferent towards the time change; it happens every year.

An hour is too precious to waste! Now there is less time to sleep, eat, do homework, or anything. Luckily, some electronics change on time while sometimes we have to manually change the clock ourselves. However, there are still people who forget. Many students were an hour late to school on the first Monday during first period as well.

The downside of this time change severely affects BPHS students attending zero period. They attend zero period everyday except for AP Calculus students who exclude Wednesdays, and were most certainly happy in the fall when an hour was turned back. BPHS senior Jailene Rivas loved sleeping in but now she has to attend zero period calculus. “I hate it because we get one hour less of sleep and since it’s still dark out at 6:00 AM, I feel like I should still be sleeping,” she said. She definitely prefers the fall, when the clocks were an hour back.

Fortunately, the day after daylight-savings, Monday, March 13, was National Napping Day. The day served well for those who lost an hour of sleep, or were sleep-deprived in general.

In the end, the days are much brighter. Everyone can do their regular activities and keep up with their schedules just as it was before the time change occurred. An hour ahead means an hour closer to the end of the year! And here’s a cute way to remember if anyone forgets next time: fall back and spring forward!

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