Tigers Splash Back


SOUTH PASADENA, CA– On Thursday, March 3, the Baldwin Park Braves swim team took on the South Pasadena Tigers on their home territory in the first race of the 2016-2017 year. Although this meet was only preseason, the Braves’ were still fiercely competitive and up for the tough challenge. Although they tried their hardest, the Braves’ were unable to beat the Sea Tigers. Over 90 swimmers participated in the meet, with a total of 144 combined individual events.

Alberto Garcia, a BPHS junior, commented on his first ever meet, “It was the first race and I was crushed by how good the other school was.”

The first event was the Girls’ 200m medley, with the Tigers’ winning with a time of 2:04.6, versus the Lady Braves’ time of 2:40.61. Up next was the Boys’ 200m medley, which the Tigers won again with times of 1:52.18 and 1:59.51, versus the Braves with a time of 3:14.83.

The event that followed was the 200m free, which is the the second longest distance events of all the races. Our Lady Braves tried their hardest, but were still only able to get 4th, 5th, and 6th place. Jade Escobar came in with a time of 3:15.74, Wendy Barahona came in with a time of 3:21.64, and Jaylene Rosales with a time of 4:07.3360. Our boys had an equal performance, also earning the 4th, 5th, and 6th places. Ernie Santiesteban had an impressive time of 2:43.82, Kaleb Hernandez finished with a time of 2:53.31, and Jake Soloso got a time of 2.53.73.

Up next was the 200m IM (individual medley), which was similar to the previous 200m medley, except with individuals competing instead of teams. Jazmine Puente came in with a time of 3:57.44, Escobedo came in with a time of 4:14.71, and Ana Amador was unfortunately disqualified for violating regulations. The boys’ varsity followed with Brian Barragan with a time of 3:21.92, Richard Montanez with a time of 3.31.39, and Santiesteban 3:36.91.

The 50m free was one of the most anticipated races, because of its fast pace and high competition. Madeline Lequang came in 38.51, Briana Godinez 41.24 Haydee Molina 45.98 Rudy Munoz got a time of 26.46, Frankie Machado with a time of 34.10, and Leo Herrera with a time of 46.62.

Nayelli Ramos was the only female swimmer from our school to compete in one of the most difficult races, the 100m butterfly. She was able to stand her ground and take third place with a time of 1:19.05. From the boys’ side,  Kaleb Hernandez had a time of 1:33.43 and Montanez got 1:48.48.

The 100m free is another quick paced race. Cassandra Avelar was timed at 1:13.00, Bolanos got 1:34.87, and Natalie Parada got 1:39.03. For the boys’ team, Rudy Munoz got 1:01.43,  Brian Hung got 1:04.37, and Oscar Barragan followed with a time of 1:05.84.

Before anyone had a chance to breathe, the 200m free relay had already been called. The Lady Braves’ Team A got a time of 2:36.15 and Team B got 2:41.31. Unfortunately, the boys’ teams didn’t do as well, with both Team A and Team B getting disqualified.

Right after the 200m free relay, the 100m backstroke commenced. Diana Bautista got a time of 1:38.96, Bolanos with a time of 1:59.74, and Amador with a time of 2:00.11. After the girls finished their race, the contenders were called for the boys’ section. Joel Rangel finished fairly quickly with a time of 1:17.54, Barragan got 1:26.59, B. Barragan raced with a time of 1:31.42.

The next race was the 100m breaststroke. Faith Young got 1:49.03, while Jessica Escobedo and Kayla Sigala both got DQ. For the boys’ records, Hernandez finished strong with a time of 1:22.64 and Hung got 1:08.77.

The last race of the day was the 400m free relay. This relay is always the most beloved, because while it is also a matter of speed, it is also about endurance. The ladies had a large number of girls participating in the event. Team A got 6:40.12, Team B with 6:36.07, and Team C with a time of 6:47.77. The boys’ teams did even better than the girls, with Team A getting  4:22.83 and Team B getting 5:08.06.

Oscar Barragan, a BPHS junior, commented, “They were tough, but we will get tougher.”

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