Round Two. Photo shoot!


BALDWIN PARK, CA– On Tuesday morning, May 2nd, senior Braves had an early call time to take a second group panoramic picture.

“I didn’t even show up because I didn’t want to wake up that early,” stated senior Andres Aguilar.

For the first panoramic picture the Braves were able to sit up on the bleachers waiting for the photographer to get ready. The Braves were called out onto the field, where there was a rope set on the field outlining the last two numbers of 2017. Most Seniors were surprised  when they were told that they had to squish in between the rope to fill in the numbers. It seemed as if they did not like the idea of standing in the hot sun. Some of them were complaining that they felt as if they did not come out in the picture.

“I thought it was better this time because I didn’t really like the form we did the first time. I felt like you wouldn’t be able to see me or my friends,” commented senior Evelyn Aguilar.

Luckily a second panoramic photo was scheduled. The agreement was to leave the panoramic the same as years before. As people were settling into the bleachers, the photographers used their rope once again to move everyone into the spaces where everyone would be shown. After the rope was removed, the photographer went up a ladder on the field to take a picture that would reach the same height as everyone in the bleachers.

“I like the second one because we were all late to class and we were excused. The first one was lame because I don’t know, I just didn’t like it,” stated Senior Christian Sanchez.

Since the class of 2017 is the last of the nineties babies, there were many individual groups that wore original shirts. The Braves showed their creativity by adding their own style. Some fellow Braves seemed to have liked the way it looked and believed it was very creative of the people who came up with the idea. A bunch of Braves had the idea of matching outfits or sharing letters of words to spell out “Last of the 90s” and “Class of 2017” with glitter and colors that popped.

The photographer never told the students when he would take the picture so there were random flashes. By the end, the Braves took a silly picture and were released to class.

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