Why Vanguard?


BALDWIN PARK, CA– The Vanguard News is a place where writers are born, a place where the staff writers come out of their shell and interact with people on a whole new level.

Sharon Tran, the president of Vanguard, expressed, “Joining The Vanguard News is probably the best choice I made in my high school career. I had a chance to explore my writing abilities and learn how to balance different parts of my life with writing. It’s a fantastic learning experience.”

The Vanguard team, although small, is very tight group where everyone helps each other bring an exciting aspect to every story that is written. Vanguard requires you to come up with stories, write articles, attain quotes from people, and take pictures. Every part is equally important and equally as fun.

Inexperienced writers have the opportunity to figure out a style of writing that fits for them. It may seem intimidating at first to write articles, but overall it gets easier and faster.

Students who want to learn how to photograph are valued in the Vanguard Team. Photos are an important part of the articles we write and nothing feels better than taking aesthetically pleasing pictures that perfectly reflect your article. 

Because of the amount of school and city events throughout the year, Vanguard requires that important events get covered as stories and therefore you get to enjoy events that you would have not normally gone to. 

Probably the best part of journalism is the free stuff! Often times when you have a food review business owners reward us with free food or drinks, especially restaurants in Baldwin Park. It allows you to connect closer to the people in our city. Sport games are often times free, if you are covering the story, but of course you need to have your press pass. We get to enjoy games, support our team, and write our stories.

Jonathan Frias, a staff writer, likewise said, “I love writing articles”.

Overall, Vanguard has been my favorite class this year. The workload isn’t overwhelming and most stories are fun and exciting. Vanguard has allowed me to come out of my shell and go out and explore our city more. Make sure to sign up for this class! 

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