Game of Thrones is Coming


Game of Thrones, HBO’s most popular show and the most highly rated show on television, will be coming back on July 16. This date is later than the usual date which is around April. It needed to be postponed until the summer because most of this season’s scenes needed to be shot in the winter.

Game of Thrones 7th season will unfortunately only have seven episodes, three less than the usual ten. However, this may not be a bad thing, because it allows the show to have a bigger budget per episode, meaning that each episode will be absolutely stunning.

There have also been claims by Game of Thrones’ directors and cast members that this season will be much better than the last. Fans are even more excited for its arrival due to last season being so good that it received 12 Emmys, bringing its total number Emmys to 38, the most of any fictional series.

The show will include all of the show’s regular beloved actors like Kit Harrington and Peter Dinklage, but will also add some new actors like Jim Broadbent, a former actor from Harry Potter, and Ed Sheeran.

(SPOILERS) I feel that this season will be very action packed,  with it leaving off just as Daenerys Targaryen was leading her army and dragons to take over the throne from the new queen of the Iron throne, Cersei Lannister. There is also lots of excitement to see where Bran went to after being found by his presumed dead uncle. There is also lots of excitement to see where Bran went to after being found by his presumed dead uncle. Furthermore, with winter being here, what will John Snow, now king of the north, do against the white walkers?

With so many loose ends being left at the end of season 6, this season may come to be the best one yet and Game of Thrones fans are very sure of it.

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