Last Dance, Last Dance


ALHAMBRA, CA– On March 11, Key Clubbers from all over Region 13 danced the night away at Almansor Court. The dance was to celebrate the end of the term for all of the Lieutenant Governors, Division Leadership Team members, Key Club Boards, and Key Clubbers in general.

Camelle Tieu, a BPHS junior, commented, “Region Formal was a chance for all of the divisions to unite one last time before the term ends. It was a fun experience that allowed us to also celebrate the beginning of the next term.”

The night began with members arriving in their best outfits at the venue, where they then took their time to reunite with others they hadn’t seen in while. There was also a photo opportunity for members to preserve their memories of the night.

Members had to pay the $20 entrance fee for the dance and received a wristband to show they had paid. They were then invited in to find a table for their group.

After a majority of the members had been seated, the LTGs and Kiwanis made their opening remarks and soon the night began.

Dozens of different types of appetizers were served, including vegetable platters, egg rolls, mozzarella sticks, and nachos. There was also a dessert section that had various options, which could then be dunked into the glorious chocolate fountain.

After everyone ate, the dancing began. For over 2 hours, members enjoyed their time on the dance floor. As everyone began to tire out, the night soon came to a close. The LTGs made their closing remarks and eventually everyone went home.

Lena Do, a BPHS sophomore, commented on her experience, “It was a memorable night that i can’t forget.”

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