Covina Bowl Strikes Out


On March 12, the beloved Brunswick Zone Covina Bowl closed down for good.

“Covina Bowl has been in decline for years. They haven’t been making any money. The banquet rooms were shut down last summer,” said Frank Barraco Jr., whose father managed the bowling alley for over three decades.

The Covina bowling alley was built by the Powers, Daly, DeRosa firm in 1956. The establishment was owned by Brunswick Corporation until it was bought by Bowlmor AMD a few years back. Bowlmor has been leasing the establishment; however, the owners, the Brutocoa family, have been planning on selling the property for over a year. With business declining, there are rumors that the property will be utilized for housing but nothing has been determined just yet.

“I’ve been told by a couple people that it could be turned into housing. That’s certainly a possibility,” commented Barraco Jr. of the property’s future.

The alley is known for its architecture and for being “one of the last mid-century California bowling alleys to survive intact and unscathed.” The neon venue has been a favorite hangout spot for locals for many, many years. Beyond bowling, the bowling alley has a small arcade, a pool room, and a food counter known for its tasty pizza. However, all of this hasn’t been enough to save and maintain its business.

“The Covina Bowl was a place I enjoyed to go to with my friends and have a good time. Now that it is closing we’re going to have to find a new bowling alley to go to,” chimed in local bowling enthusiast and BPHS senior Rudy Salas.

The Covina Bowl has been a local favorite for years. Old generations and new generations alike will carry their fond memories of spending time in the Covina Bowl with their loved ones.

“Some of the Covina Bowl memories I’ll never forget include taking my sons, their friends, and sometimes their cousins to Cosmic Bowling, especially during our breaks from school. Also, we got to know Luis, the Banquet Room Manager, as he helped us have our super fun 10 year wedding anniversary party, my goddaughter’s sweet sixteen reception, and my son’s 8th grade promotion there,” shared BPHS history teacher Mr. Calderon.

Although many love it and will miss it, the Covina Bowl has closed its doors. A little piece of local history has been lost.


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