Good Tacos for a Great Price


BALDWIN PARK, CA– There is a new restaurant in town! La Cocinita was opened recently in Baldwin Park and is located behind Walmart and near the 10 freeway.

La Cocinita is a traditional Mexican restaurant where they serve tacos and other Mexican dishes, including mole, birria, an asada plate, and a chile relleno plate. They have aguas frescas and soft drinks to accompany whichever dish you choose.

A very nice aspect to the restaurant’s menu was the daily deals. On Mondays they serve a  Cocido, Tuesday is Taco Tuesday where the tacos are $1.25, Wednesday is Tacos Durados for $1.25, Thursdays they serve nachos for only $5.99, and Friday is Mariscos Day.

I ordered tacos along with an agua de piña. The staff was very helpful with the menu and very nice.

The food wait wasn’t long and complimentary chips and salsa were placed on the table. The tacos arrived looking and smelling  delicious. They weren’t stingy with the meat. Most surprising of all was that the tortilla was handmade. The agua de piña was very sweet and good, but it wasn’t very cold so it wasn’t as refreshing.

In all, La Cocinita was inexpensive and flavorful. I would give it a 4 out of 5 because you get what you pay for and it overall has a nice taste. Although the tacos are $1.25 on Tuesday, you only get the choice between carnitas, al pastor, or chicken. Asada tacos are charged at the regular price.

The tacos were good despite the fact that they probably need a little bit of salt, but that may just be a personal preference. The handmade tortilla was what made the tacos different and better than other places.

Just share it.