Braves Seize the Aztecs


BALDWIN PARK, CA– On Tuesday, March 7, the Baldwin Park High School Varsity Badminton team defeated their long-time nemesis on home territory, 13-8. The Braves shared their Montview league title in 2016 with Azusa High School.

“We were really scared of Azusa since they were one of the biggest challenges,” explained BPHS senior Kevin Chua. “But in the end, we did it.”

The BPHS mixed doubles team won four out of the five matches. Mixed 1 (Michelle Del Toro and Chua) won both of their games. Mixed 2 (Sharon Tran and Jialou Chen) only won against the Aztec’s Mixed 2. Mixed 3 (Tuyen Ho and Christopher Lazo) won their game as well, which is known as the tie-breaker for the twenty-first game.

Girls doubles won all of their four matches against the Aztecs. Doubles 1 (Tiffany Yu and Shwe Nemyo) and Doubles 2 (Michelle Del Toro and Cindy Nguyen) added a total of four points for the Braves.

The boys doubles won three out of the four matches. Doubles 1 (Chua and Chen) won both their games, adding two points to the score. Doubles 2 had a change in its line-up, putting BPHS sophomore Alan Le, who usually plays Singles 1, in place of Gabriel Musni. Doubles 2 (Lazo and Le) won one against the Aztec’s Doubles 2.

Girls singles earned two out of the four points. Girl singles 1 (Ho) won against both of the Aztec’s singles 1 and singles 2. BPHS’s girl singles 2 (Lena Do) was very close, but lost against the Aztecs.

“Although I didn’t win my games, I’ve gained a lot of experience and plan to keep improving for next time,” said BPHS sophomore Do.

BPHS had to sacrifice the boys singles’ points to ensure the other matches’ points. Boys singles 1 (Bai Rong Lin) and singles 2 (Musni) lost against both the Aztecs’ boys. Both Lin and Musni are sophomores who are new to the Varsity team.

All the Braves have to do is to maintain their streak and continue working hard to earn the title of Montview League Champions for the year 2017. They will face Azusa again on April 10 on Aztec territory.

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