Return of the Lorde and Savior


On March 2, Lorde released her single “Green Light,” which hints at the release of her first album after a hiatus of four years. The title of the new album is Melodrama and was announced to be released later this year, on June 15.  

“I love it,” admitted longtime Lorde fan and BPHS senior, Michelle Del Toro, “and I like how it’s a little different from her old music.”

Born as Ella Yelich-O’ Connor, Lorde broke onto the world stage of music with her well-received and loved debut single “Royals” at the age of sixteen in 2013. Lorde’s stardom and momentum continued when she released the entirety of the album Pure Heroine, which contained much more than her acclaimed debut single.

However, her career stopped for a while after she released “Yellow Flicker Beat” for the Hunger Games soundtrack. Now, with this comeback single, Lorde is ready to astound the world with her music again.

With the release of the single, many of Lorde’s fans are grateful for the release of the song simply because it signals more upcoming music from Lorde. However, a smaller population of her fans feel that Lorde has taken a more mainstream and “Top 40” vibe that differs greatly from the unique sound that defined her from the beginning.

The obvious message in “Green Light” seems to be about lost love, which has sent the internet into a frenzy over who Lorde is singing about in her single. Yet, “Green Light” is more than a breakup song. Lorde reveals in an interview that the song has a more relevant and personal message than many of her fans believe.

“The song is about the last kind of year or so of my life,” confessed Lorde. “It’s kind of a heartbreak song, but it’s sort of more about that journey to being okay in the end.”

With the announcement of this new single, entertainment news also shined its spotlight on some of Lorde’s up and coming performances. Lorde will perform at Coachella in April, the Governors Ball in June, and Bonnaroo later in August.

Despite the mixed reviews from all of Lorde’s fans, they can certainly agree on one thing — they look forward to the new music and performances and are glad that their Lorde is back.

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