Braves Vanquish the Vikings


 BALDWIN PARK, CA– On March 7, the BPHS boys varsity tennis team played Mountain View High School. The final score was 12-6 with Baldwin Park High School defeating Mountain View.

Player Rudy Salas said, “I thought the whole team did great against the other team, because of teamwork and determination.

Singles 1, Bryan Moran competed hard, but fell short of the victory in his first set, as he lost 6-3. Doubles 1, Rudy Salas and Jonathan Frias, made quick work of their opponents as they won the set 6-0.

Pedro Zamora, Singles 2, gave it all during his set, but things took a turn as he lost 6-4. Steven Silva and Raul Garcia, Doubles 2, continued the success for the double teams as they defeated their competitors 6-1.

Singles 3 was Johan Guerrero. He had an intense matchup that went back and forth. Overall, Guerrero won the set with a score of 6-0. Doubles 3, Adan Ornelas and Ruben Vergara left it all on the court as they came  close to a victory; however, came up just short, 6-4.

The second set began and Moran continued his sluggish start, as he took another loss, 6-2. Zamora improved from his first set because of the way he attacked the ball and this led to him getting the win for the second set, 6-1. Guerrero’s strong start did not continue for his second set. However, he did put up a fight as he lost 6-1.

All of the double teams attacked the ball and made precise hits. The double teams all won games for the second set. Frias and Salas continued their dominating performance with another 6-0 victory. Silva and Garcia kept the train rolling with a 6-4 win. Vergara and Oraelas bounced back with a decisive win 6-2.

The singles had a strong showing for their final set. Moran seemed more calm and relaxed as he got his first win 6-0. Zamora’s last set did not end how he wanted, but he showed heart as he kept fighting. He lost 6-0. Guerrero continued his consistency with another victory 6-2.

The doubles continued another successful set with pure victories. Salas and Frias had an extremly close set that took them to a tie-breaker. Overall, Salas’ great ball placement gave them the win, 7-6. Silva and Garcia had a confident showing as they won, 6-2. Subs Armando Rodriguez and Jose Ventura played great, as they came through with another victory, 6-4.

Water girl Fernanda Garcia noticed the improvements from the team, as she stated, “Many of the players played better this game compared to the first game. The guys’ confidence levels have raised since the first game.”

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