The SCSBOA is Bach


BALDWIN PARK, CA– On March 9th, the BPHS orchestra and band went to their annual Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association (SCSBOA) music festival at Sierra Vista High School and scored an excellent.

“In orchestra I think that it went well because we’re too big and we didn’t sound that bad,” stated freshman Anh Nguyen.

Orchestra performed three music selections: Nightshift, Deep River, and Star of The Countydown and scored an excellent. According to an orchestra member, their class was split into two periods. Even if they were split, when they were combined, both groups appeared to play very well as a whole unit. Nightshift was full of emotion as the group of individuals performed.

A wind ensemble flutist commented, “I think we could’ve done a lot better. The focus was just not there, honestly some of us need a lot more,” BPHS senior Mark Ambriz.

Wind Ensemble performed only two music selections, a ballad by the name of Yorkshire and Chorale and Shaker Dance. Wind Ensemble only performed two pieces because Chorale and Shaker itself was nine minutes long. Concert band performed three pieces, Encanto, Quintology, and Air For Band.

“Personally I feel like my section did really well. Yorkshire ballad was pretty good. Baritones did very well. Shout out to the baritones! What happened in Chorale and Shaker Dance… that was..something else,”stated junior Rolando Ortega.

BPHS Wind Ensemble felt very dejected when they found out that they did not get a Superior as they had in previous years. Many talented Braves had a lot to say after being awarded with an excellent. For the first time in many years, the Braves Wind Ensemble are going to a second festival on March 29th in Hacienda Heights to redeem themselves. On a positive note, some musicians thought they did very well individually.


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