Got Lent?


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Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. Lent is approximately six weeks long and ends on Easter Sunday. Most people know Lent for giving up something, but what should you give up?

One of the popular choices is being healthier. Reuben Vergara is dropping sugary drinks, leaving, “Soda because it’s pretty unhealthy.” Furthermore, when Vergara was asked if he was trying to become healthier he responded with, “Yeah I’m trying to get more gains.”

The stress of school has caught up to Jesus Aguilar, as he is giving up school. He said, “I gave up school for lent, I needed a break.” Hopefully Aguilar does not give up school until the next break because he will truly fall behind.

Children usually celebrate Lent because that is what their parents taught them. Lisa Nguyen said, “Before, I would do it because I was taught that it was what I had to do, but now I do it because I’m religious.” Lisa promised herself that should would try to do two things this Lenten season, as she said, “I gave up soda for Lent because I want to get used to not drinking soda because it is bad for you.” In addition, she also wants to pray more, as she stated, “For Lent I also told myself to pray the Rosary more often.”

Michelle Del Toro’s eating habits have not been great, as she explains what she is giving up for Lent, “For Lent, I gave up my unhealthy eating habits.” Lent seems to be a great way for people to start a small diet; however, Del Toro also sees the religious aspect as she states, “It’s a good way to test our commitment to our faith.”

Could it be possible to give up social media for Lent? Well Fernanda Garcia is giving it a shot. Garcia stated, “I gave up social media for Lent. I gave it up because it was the only thing that I could think of that would have a big impact on my life.” She describes that social media is taking up most of her time, “On my phone liking pictures and retweeting tweets.”

Lent is special for the people who celebrate because it allows them to express their faith. Furthermore, Lent leads to the next most important holiday season of Easter.



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