Braves Tennis Served Up in First Game


BALDWIN PARK, CA- On Tuesday, February 28, the Baldwin Park High School Boy’s tennis team faced off against Alhambra High School and lost, 18-0.

Varsity Singles 2 Adan Ornelas said, “I expected this game to be very tough, due to Alhambra being in a higher division.”

The match started roughly for the singles players with Singles 1, Bryan Moran and Singles 2 Adan Ornelas, both losing 6-0 in their first sets. Things went a little better for Singles 3 Johan Guerrero, who despite his loss, still managed to score 2 points.

The doubles did similarly to the singles in the first set. Jonathan Frias and Rudy Salas, Doubles 1, managed to avoid a bagel by scoring 1 point, along with Doubles 3, Steven Silva and Brandon Cruz, who lost 6-2. Doubles 2 Jackie Huynh and Raul Garcia got bageled.

The second set had little improvement with all of the singles losing all points except for singles 2, Adan Ornelas, who scored 1 point. Doubles 2 and 3 both came out with 6-2, still losing but doing better than in the first set. Doubles 1 had some minor issues on the field and ended up losing 6-0.

The third set didn’t have much luck for the singles who all got bagels, except for singles 1 who came close to winning his game but fell short by a score of 6-4. Doubles 1 was subbed out for Armando Rodriguez and Jose Ventura, who tried to warm up into the game but were outclassed by their opponents and lost by a score of 6-0. Doubles 2 experienced the same misfortune. Doubles 3, on the other hand, evaded the bagel by scoring 1 point.

Overall, the final score of the game was 18-0, with Alhambra victorious. The Braves were slightly discouraged but took the loss as a great learning experience about what they need to work about in the future.

Coach Ray commented, ” The boys have a lot to work on, but are improving each day. This game was only a stepping stone”.

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