Controversy of the Year: Pineapple on Pizza?


Every pizza lover sits either on the side that approves or disapproves of pineapple on pizza. Who is wrong and who is right?

Pineapple on pizza, of course! Pineapple adds a freshness and sweetness to pizza. It’s the ultimate sweet and salty treat. Pineapple on pizza, otherwise known as Hawaiian pizza, is, in other words, delicious. You can even have the choice of pairing it with ham or bacon. It literally cannot get  better than that.

However, there are students who do not think pineapple pizza is good combination. Julia Gonzalez expressed, “Pineapple pizza is gross because it makes the pizza too sweet.”

There are plenty of other weirdly disgusting pizza toppings that are an insult to all pizzas, but pineapple is definitely not one of them. For example, a popular tweet roaming around shows peas and mayonnaise on pizza and it has offended many from the twittersphere.

This has caused both the haters and lovers of pineapple on pizza to unite against the people who have the audacity to actually think peas and mayo on pizza is okay.

“Pineapple on pizza is delicious! I don’t understand why people don’t like it. It’s great.” Lisa Nguyen expressed.

Pineapple on pizza may not be as bad as people claim it to be as compared to other weird toppings. For example, Banana Curry pizza is very common in Sweden and can even be found under the “Classic Pizzas” heading on menus. The curry seasoned banana and pineapple on the Banana Curry pizza many very well make many hate the whole fruit on pizza idea even more.

By far the weirdest pizza may be Squid Ink Pizza. A video game and pizzeria in Japan combined to create the newest Play Station “Sumiomi” game themed pizza. Although it has been discontinued, the black base and shrimp seems very intimating to even consume.

As far as pineapple pizza goes, people should stop hating on it and embrace it. Hating on it has become a trend that needs to stop, even if the president of Iceland, Guoni Johannesson, says that if he could, he would ban pineapple as a topping.

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