To the delight of the Beyhive, Beyonce was scheduled to headline the 2017 Coachella Festival on April 14-16 and April 21-23. However, the superstar has announced that, due to doctor’s orders concerning her pregnancy, she will not be appearing. Beyonce will instead be headlining the 2018 festival.

The festival posted the announcement on their Facebook which read, “Following the advice of her doctors to keep a less rigorous schedule in the coming months, Beyoncé has made the decision to forgo performing at the 2017 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival.”

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival held in Indio, California, is one of the most talked about festivals around. The two-weekend event manages to get legendary and varied acts every year. This year, Queen Bee was announced as the main headliner of both weekends, the first female since 2007.

Despite the sheer excitement surrounding Beyonce headlining Coachella, many fans began to question the fate of her performances when it was revealed in February that she was pregnant with twins. Doubts began to subside when Beyonce put on a spectacular performance at the Grammys, proving her capability and willingness to continue performing.

On February 23, it was announced by some of the singer’s representatives that she would be withdrawing as the main headliner due to her doctor’s orders to not work herself too hard as her pregnancy progresses. Social media exploded. Beyonce’s headlining of Coachella was a dream-come-true for many and her cancellation crushed fans. Many took to Twitter to rant and demand a refund, saying Queen Bee was the sole reason they were even attending the festival.

Beyonce will be headlining the festival next year and, as of March 1, it has been decided by the festival organizers that Lady Gaga will be replacing Beyonce.

Gaga posted the news on her Twitter saying, “Let’s party in the desert!”

Although many have been disappointed by Beyonce’s decision, it is what is best for her and her avid fans still have the opportunity of seeing her next year, better than ever. This year is for the Little Monsters.

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