Preparing for Paradise


The annual and much anticipated Sadie Hawkins dance is quickly approaching, scheduled for March 10 this year. The BPHS gymnasium will be transformed into A Day In Paradise by the students of ASB to be enjoyed by attendees for the low price of $13 with ASB and $16 without ASB.

“We’ve been working together and working hard to put the dance together. We’ve been making several backdrops to decorate the gym well with the paradise theme,” said ASB member Karla Valenzuela.

Sadies is known for its switching of the school dance tradition and expectation of boys asking girls to accompany them to the dance and paying for the girl’s ticket. When it comes to Sadies, it is the boy’s chance to be presented with a cute, cheesy proposal. As the days prior to Sadies slowly roll by, ASB is working hard to put the best possible dance together while most of the girls in the school are planning a cute, fun way to ask out their significant other, a close friend, or, for the brave ones, their crush.

In order to create hype for the dance, ASB has created a contest for two free tickets. They have announced that there will be a contest for the best proposal in the school. Students simply have to post pictures of their proposals on Twitter or Instagram, tag the respective ASB account, and hashtag the theme of the dance. The contest will end on March 7 and the winner will be revealed on March 8.

The winner will win two free admission tickets to the dance, but there’s a twist. Those who decided to avoid the packed lines at the ASB window and have already purchased their tickets are left at a disadvantage, as those who already purchased tickets are not eligible to win the two free tickets and receive a refund.

To be fair, memorable proposals are popular during Sadies, with or without the incentive of free tickets. Few people have gotten ahead of the curve and have already asked their dates. However, because it is one of the smaller and less-formal dances, most people wait until the week of the dance to ask their dates and purchase their tickets. Now with the contest, it is expected that even more people will wait to buy their tickets in hopes of winning two free tickets.

“I really hope it turns out well. I’m going so I hope it’s fun and I hope all of our hard work pays off,” commented Valenzuela.

If you plan on asking that special someone, get on it! Buy your posters, buy your treats, get your pun ready, or summon your courage and find yourself a date.


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