The Choir Has Seized the Day!


BALDWIN PARK- As the clock gradually approached 5:30pm, a crowd of aspiring musicians began to flock in through the back stage doors of Baldwin Parks’s very own Performing Arts Center. While the vocalists breezed through their warm ups, energy ran high and the  spirit of music flowed upon the stage. After several minutes of IMG_2700choir Vanguardwarming up, the choir rehearsed a portion of their show which brought about a grand amount of incomparable vibrant energy.

“I got lost in the music. That’s never happened to me during warm up,” stated Ms.Salmon after embracing the terrific pre-show performance, which resonated with joy and confidence. Sitting in the audience in the presence of the highly talented choir musicians could bring nothing but excitement. The group was preparing to send chills down the spines of their audience, and they had truly shown they were ready to do whatever it took to bring their musical talents to the forefront.

After several minutes of remarkable rehearsal moments, the choir took to forming their traditional “Circle Time” in which the musicians gathered around and encouraged each other with words of inspiration. The laughs and IMG_2614choir Vanguardjoyous attitudes of the group demonstrated the colorful, rich, and diverse attributes that distinguished the group from being a gathering of ordinary students to a group of aspiring , like-minded  individuals who share an invaluable passion for music. While the members themselves showed great support for each other, Mrs. Salmon brought further excitement to the group by pitching in her inspirational impromptu speech in which she shared statements such as, “This is a real moment with real people,” and “Think about all the people you will touch in the audience, on stage, and backstage.”

Shortly after, the group dispersed and  took their positions backstage and the doors opened up to those waiting in anticipation. Both parents and friends flocked in rapidly, shifting through aisles of seats, attempting to find the best seats. The lights dimmed, and then, it was show time.

The choir took the stage and sang several songs that were associated with the times of day: morning, noon, and night. The show not only demonstrated the unparalleled talents of the group but of select individuals as well. Three incredibly talented musicians took the stage with the intentions of giving the crowd the performance of a lifetime.

Damaris Garcia demonstrated her uniquely captivating voice as she captured the attention of her audience with a soulful solo worthy of extreme applause. Her control of voice and demonstration of true musicianship brought a sense of contentment to the audience and an excitement of incomparable proportions. After her solo, with a IMG_2649 choir Vanguardsmile on her face and joy in her soul,  Ms. Garcia walked contentedly back to the position where she had started the performance.

As the night rolled on, the audience was able to witness one of the most memorable featured sections of the night as Erick Eufracio took center stage and wowed the crowd with his romantic performance. As his hand shifted from grasping the microphone to a gentle placement on the heart, the music gently loomed in the air, bringing everyone the excitement of a toddler at the sight of something shiny. His passion was clearly seen through his smile and heard through his voice, both of which contributed to the felicitous nature of the event.

While the show came closer to the end, the energy pressed on and reached an evident climax as Janice Marquez took to the stage and gave the performance of a lifetime. Her display of vocal control was unmatched as she finished her solo with the embellishment of swiftly falling through the chord and settling upon a note that truly symbolized the culmination of her talents.

With the addition of  three amazingly talented soloists, the choir indisputably gave a performance for all to remember. When the performance came to an end it was most evident that the choir had truly embraced the moment and seized the day.

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