Prom Is Not Titantic


BALDWIN PARK, CA– Beginning in February, Baldwin Park High School students could start paying for their senior expenses. These activities consist of the exciting prom, the Grad Nite trip to Disneyland, the must-buy yearbook, and various class of 2017 merchandise. The only downfall for many seniors, however, is the limited amount of tickets for prom.

This spring, on May 13, 2017, Baldwin Park High School’s prom, themed A Moonlight Voyage, will take place at the Hornblower Cruise in Long Beach. This is the answer to everyone’s questions to why only 300 attendees are allowed to attend prom this year. On a private yacht, attendees will be cruising around Long Beach harbor. Because of the new and fancy setting, tickets are $115 with an ASB card and $120 without. There’s no down payment and all students must have filled out a permission slip prior to their purchase. A school ID is required and all ASB or textbook charges must have been cleared as well.

Rosario Rodriguez, BPHS senior and ASB member, expressed her opinion on the situation. “I was upset about the limited amount of tickets because I wanted everyone to have a chance to go. Everyone asks why, but you can’t fit 400 seniors in a limited space. It’s obviously no to the Titanic question,” she joked.

Senior priority was held for a week to ensure seniors had the chance to buy tickets before the juniors or guests could. On the last day of the week, 170 tickets were already sold. After school, seniors rushed to ASB to pay, but were delayed in a long line as many students had to pay for their AP exam fees too. On the following Monday, only 54 tickets remained. Waiting in line became a regular occurence every brunch and lunch.

Rosie Rodriguez also explained how the theme had to be unique from the past year’s themes. “I like the theme, but I like the location more than anything,” she said. “It’s our senior year and it’s prom. We’re going to be on a yacht, we’re going to be able to look at the moon and stars, and we’re going to eat delicious food. It’s going to be amazing no matter what.”

Then again, BPHS students are grateful for ASB planning this memorable event. Not everyone goes to prom, as some students will attend other school proms. Others would rather save money and attend events like Grad Nite. But for seniors, prom is a once-in-lifetime event.

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