Jason Cabrera’s Best Math Strategy


BALDWIN PARK, CA — Divide and Conquer is Baldwin Park High School’s mathematics club. Current BPHS senior, Jason Cabrera, toyed with the idea of starting a math club on Baldwin Park’s campus when he was a junior.

“I created the club because I enjoy doing math and I noticed that the school didn’t have a math club, so I thought it would be cool to make one, so that the math lovers of the school could enjoy it,” admitted Cabrera.

Along with a few other chosen juniors, Cabrera went through the process of creating the club and a few weeks of hard work resulted in Divide and Conquer. Currently, the club meets in room 602 every Thursday after school. The adviser is algebra and statistics teacher, Mr. Valbuena. The board consists of Cabrera, Ann Mariel Pacada, Jesse Garcia, Luis Flores, Jorge Aparicio, and Cynthia Flores.

During the meetings, Divide and Conquer members do various math-related activities. One such activity is competing against one another through a math quiz on Kahoot, a game-based learning platform. All of these activities are preparation for competitions that Divide and Conquer members aim to compete in.

“We are involved in a national competition where we answer problems and then we submit our scores, which are then compared with other high schools across the nation,” detailed Cabrera.

Although Cabrera admits that membership numbers are low, he and the club continue to stand strong because of what the club was built on — unapologetic pursuit of one’s passion. With his love for math and a couple of other friends who also liked to crunch numbers, Cabrera was motivated to do what only a handful of other students have done on campus and created a club that essentially strives to bring people with the same interest together.

As a senior, Cabrera’s most relevant thoughts are faced towards college and his post-high school plans. Cabrera wishes to further pursue his interests in mathematics and computer science in college. The existence of Divide and Conquer shows that Cabrera won’t simply sit passively as he seeks to further his math and scientific knowledge in college. He will take his love for math and continue turning it into tangible accomplishments that reveal a deep commitment to what he learns.

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