When Donations Roll In


BALDWIN PARK, CA — Starting in March, Humanitarian Club and National Honor Society started a school-wide toilet paper drive to collect toilet paper to donate to the Church of Redeemer in the local community.

“I think the toilet paper drive is a very essential source that will help many families that are in need and help students realize the small things we take for granted in our everyday lives,” expressed Alejandra Hinojosa, a Humanitarian Club member and a Public Relations officer on the NHS board.

This year, the number to beat is 2,000 rolls of toilet paper. Currently, both clubs are working hard to deliver donation boxes to each classroom. Also, Humanitarian and NHS members are showing off their creativity with some of the posters they have created for the drive’s campaign.

In the previous year, both Humanitarian and NHS worked together to put together and execute the cereal drive. After BPHS students donated more than 1,200 boxes of cereal, the two clubs fulfilled a promise made earlier. Before the cereal drive officially began, it was announced that if the school as a whole was able to collect 1,000 cereal boxes, Humanitarian Club and NHS would award all fellow Braves with an Earth Day Fair, which consisted of fun, informational booths, entertaining hands-on projects, and even a stuffed-animals prize station.

As of now, Humanitarian and NHS are once again considering promising another fair-like event to celebrate this year’s Earth Day if BPHS is able to donate 2,000 rolls of toilet paper for the drive. Currently in the works are plans for another stuffed-animals prize booth and more hands-on events to teach students how they can become eco-friendly.

Although hearing about this possible event may be exciting, students must first start rolling in with the toilet paper before they can enjoy the award of a fun day of appreciating Earth.

“My hopes are to reach our goal and make sure that the school gets into it and has some fun while giving back to the community,” stated Victoria Jung, the president of Humanitarian Club.


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