Braves Crack Walnut


BALDWIN PARK, CA — On February 21, BPHS’ Varsity Boys’ Soccer took on Walnut on home territory in the first round of CIF. The Braves won with an outstanding score of 4-0, enabling them to move on to the second round of the championships.

“We found and we won, we can improve of course, but a win is a win,” said varsity captain Jesus Flores.

The game began with high energy from both teams. It became clear that this match would be a fast paced one. Walnut tried to score early in the game, barely missing their goal. The Braves gained possession of the ball and, with an assist from Brian Zuniga, Marcos Villegas was able to score the team their first goal, 1-0. Shortly after, Walnut was penalized with a red card and was left with only ten men on the field. The Braves gained a free kick from this, which they unfortunately missed. However, this did not discourage the boys. They quickly gained a bigger lead when Angel Cardenas scored a tremendous goal, 2-0.

The Braves were playing well, with clean shots and fast plays. Walnut was persistent in trying to close the score gap. The opponents attempted to score, but were blocked by BP’s goalie, Juventino Magana. Walnut then recovered the rebound and tried to score again, just to be blocked once again. The Braves gained possession of the ball and Jason Cabrera scored their third goal, 3-0.

With the Braves playing with such a great lead, the game began to calm down. As the first half came to its end, Walnut attempted to put themselves on the scoreboard, but their shot went over the post. Manny Prado tried to score, assisted by Luis Villa, but the shot did not go in. The teammates did not give up and attempted the same strategy, this time successfully, and went into halftime with a solid Brave lead, 4-0.

The second half was more uneventful than the first. The ball changed hands continuously and the Braves stayed alert to make sure their lead was secured. Jesse Garcia tried to score but was blocked by Walnut’s goalie. Diego Ochoa also attempted to widen their lead, but his shot went over the post. Regardless of not scoring again during the second half, the Braves kept control of the ball, not allowing their opponents to score even one point.

“It was an amazing game! I can’t wait until 2nd round!” commented Jose Acosta.

On Wednesday, February 22, Braves will be moving on to the second round of CIF.

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