YCC Honor Student: Hellen Jimenez


BALDWIN PARK, CA– Hellen Jimenez has been given the Youth Career Connect (YCC) Honor Roll Award, which is an nationwide acknowledgement. Now what does that mean for her? This achievement recognizes Hellen for being an exceptional and dedicated student. In order to receive this award, one has to be nominated by a YCC teacher and then is reviewed to see if they are well-rounded students and dedicated to the program.

Hellen expressed her thoughts on getting the award. “I really did not expect any sort of recognition from the program for my achievements or work ethic. I simply sought the support of YCC in working towards my future goals, and have been successful so far.”

Hellen joined the YCC program because it offered resources that students like her could use to help them figure out their careers. YCC provides college field trips, career presentations, and helps find jobs for kids in their program.

Hellen was introduced to an internship in which she would work in an animal hospital since she had discussed her interest in becoming a veterinarian. It was an internship in which she had to complete an application and compete against other students from other schools. She became the only student who was chosen and began her internship in early December at the El Monte Dog and Cat Hospital.

The YCC Honor Roll Award was first introduced this year and students had to be nominated for it. Hellen was nominated by Ms. Kim Ta. She proved to be a dedicated student overall as she still managed to maintain her GPA and be dedicated to the YCC program.

Since receiving the award, she has not only been mentioned on the school’s website, but also the YCC and ROP websites. And now, The Vanguard News website, too.

“This award means a lot to me because I feel like I’m on the right path, and that I am now one step closer to achieving success.”

Hellen is grateful of the opportunities she has been given and wished to displayed her gratitude to Ms. Kim Ta by giving her a shout out in The Vanguard News.

“I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge Ms. Kim Ta in The Vanguard News for all her support. I never would have dreamed of the achievements I have had if it weren’t for her. Ms. Kim is truly a special asset to our campus.”

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