Keeping Up With the Braves


BALDWIN PARK, CA– It’s only been two months into the new year, but multiple television series have already aired or are starting new seasons. At Baldwin Park High School, some students are addicted and always ahead of their weekly shows.

Ann Mariel Pacada, BPHS senior, is a Doctor Who fanatic. In her free time, she watches Bates Motel, Orphan Black, and Riverdale. “The stories are so captivating,” she explained. “I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who since I was little, and it’s hard to stop watching it because you always want to know what happens next.”

Game of Thrones catches the attention of many guys, especially Jesse Garcia, BPHS senior. “There is a lot of action and I love dragons, kings, queens, and magic,” he said. “It’s a TV show where you can’t get attached to characters because the show is very unpredictable. I highly recommend this to anyone, although there’s a lot of explicit violence, gore, and nudity.”

Just in 2017, new series have aired and captured everyone’s attention. Originally from comics, Riverdale is CW’s newest mystery series. After Jason Blossom’s death in the summer, Archie Andrews, his best friends Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, and Jughead Jones are caught in the center of the tragedy. Narrated by Cole Sprouse, Riverdale gained popularity overnight after the first episode aired. Emerald City is the newest series on NBC. The show takes a twist of The Wizard of Oz, as Dorothy Gale sets out to find the wizard after being transported from Kansas. The show continues with unpredictability twists as Dorothy has no idea whose life she might change.

Not only are the new shows catching everyone’s attention, but the ones from even 2015 are airing new seasons. Doctor Who, The Flash, Game of Thrones, Scandal, and Walking Dead have been trending on various social media sites because of their action-packed and emotional episodes.

Shows in other languages are no different. Korean dramas are part of the Korean Hallyu phenomenon and have gained popularity internationally. Lisa Nguyen, BPHS senior, has been watching them for eight years already. “The storyline always catches my attention,” she replied. “The hot guys are a plus. The dramas can also make me laugh and soon after, make me cry. I am also able to learn more about the Korean culture.”

Television shows are a different form of relaxation in contrast to students’ responsibilities, studies, and work. Just like being in another world or playing sports, shows are a break from reality. Sometimes television shows can be a negative influence, but students may need some type of rest in order to motivate themselves to be productive throughout the school year. Jonathen Herrera, BPHS senior, isn’t a fan of melodramatic series, but keeps up with his comedic shows. “I like to watch Family Feud because it’s time well spent with my parents,” he admitted.

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