Spreading Love, Just Like Old Times


BALDWIN PARK, CA– Although many students at Baldwin Park High School will say that they’re too old to pass out cards and candy for Valentine’s Day, others would admit that they miss this elementary tradition.

Valentine’s Day comes only once a year, and everyone wants to express their love for their beloveds as much as they can. Kevin Chua, BPHS senior, made 36 Valentine cards for students in his government class. “I spent my weekend making the cards for my class, and it was extra credit,” he said. “But I also enjoyed making them.”

Right upon entering school in the morning, students and teachers passed out pink balloons, candies, and teddy bears. Various clubs also took the time to hand out grams and other cards.

Both of Mrs. Wong’s AP Literature and Composition classes took a break from their usual busy schedule and spent their Tuesday passing out handmade and store bought cards, as well as candy, with special notes to each of their classmates.

“Lots of fun, lots of candy, so fun,” said BPHS senior Vanessa Soriano. “Passing out valentines during my AP Literature class was really fun because it took me back to elementary school where everyone had a valentine,” she expressed.

The majority of the students have not passed out Valentine cards and grams since middle school, or even elementary school. However, a lot of the seniors definitely had a fun time bringing this childhood tradition back for their last year of high school. And overall, the Baldwin Park Braves are never too old to celebrate a lovely special day.

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