A Trip Worth Filming


Bryan Moran and Athena Ruiz

On Wednesday, February 8, the Baldwin Park High School Video Production class, along with a couple of YCC students, went out to Mt. San Antonio College for the Division of Arts field trip.

The field trip started with students from BPHS, as well as Sierra Vista, Charter Oak and Edgewood seated in an auditorium, while they waited to begin the introduction.

The dean greeted the students and explained to them how Mt. SAC is great for any of the arts like interior design, animating, graphic design, and more.

A professor from each class and art division came up and talked about their program and about themselves. Hector Rivas, the animation professor, who has worked at  Mt. SAC for six years, talked about his previous career as an animator and all of the resources the school had to offer.

After the introduction, they sent all of the students out to the workshops they signed up for. The workshops included photography, interior design, animation, gaming, product design, and graphic design. Student Frank Parada said, “I chose the gaming workshop and animation workshop because I really love playing games and watching cartoons.”

The animation workshop consisted of the instructor explaining why animation is a great career. He showed some projects his students have done and afterward showed how to make our own animation of a ball bouncing.

The graphic design workshop started with the instructor talking about what graphic design consists of and why people should pursue it as a career. The students were shown how to make a robot toy on Photoshop, where each designed theirs to their liking.

After the workshops ended, all of the students went outside where they were provided with boxed lunches and a water bottle. The boxed lunch included a sandwich that could be either beef, chicken, or veggie. They also included cookies and a bag of chips.

Overall, the field trip was a fun experience for the Video Production students. They learned a lot of the different aspects of design and video production, which they can use to formulate their career decisions. Student Lilly Bravo said, “This was a great learning experience in learning what I want to major in.”

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