Best Food at the Mall?


WEST COVINA, CA– Genghis Khan is a Mongolian style restaurant that is very common among food courts. It is located on the second floor of the West Covina Mall, in the corner of the food court.

The West Covina Mall is full of many food options that range from frozen yogurt to lobster.  However, Genghis Khan is the only shop that provides Mongolian food.

Genghis Khan provides a simple option for a meal: the bowl that costs $10. The bowl given is a standard size bowl and is filled up at the buffet style bar that has three types of meat, chicken, beef and pork and all types of vegetables. The food is raw and after it is added onto the bowl and given to the chefs, garlic and chili sauce is added to the diner’s preference. The noodles are added afterward and are drizzled with vegetable oil.

The chef cooks the food evenly on a large round grill using two long sticks to mix the noodles, meats, and vegetables together. Watching the chef’s cooking can be entertaining and assures that your food is fresh and not just heated, like in other places. The food is given to you in the standard to go boxes and the food is usually over spilling, depending on how you stack.

Flavors are the one thing that is definitely present in the meal. The noodles have a spicy garlic flavor and the rest will differ based on your ingredients. I added broccoli, carrots, onions, beef, and pork. This meal had plenty of variety and the bell peppers added a great flavor to it.

Overall Genghis Khan offers a delicious meal and in my opinion, is the best food at the mall due to its fresh, filling rich flavors. A tip for all newcomers is to not be shy when filling up your bowl and a tip I learned from a random great mom was to flatten the food in your bowl with either the tongs or your hands so you can fit more. I give Genghis Khan a 6/5.

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