Brianna Ibarra: Helping Others Find God


BALDWIN PARK,CA– Briana Ibarra is the president of the bible club at Baldwin Park High School, otherwise known as Student Outreach. Through this club, Briana hopes to spread the love of God to students as BPHS.

Briana said, “I think people should join Student Outreach because it is a great way to learn and strengthen one’s relationship with God.”

Now, what is Student Outreach and what is their message? According to Briana, it is a club that is welcoming of all, no matter what they choose to believe in. She expressed that it was a club with open prayer, praise and worship.

Briana has been a member of Student Outreach throughout her high school career and took the step of becoming president this year. She strongly believes that Student Outreach is a welcoming club where anyone can go without feeling judged.

With the help of their advisor, Ms. Ortiz, Student Outreach currently holds meetings in room 422 every Wednesday and Friday during both lunches. Students volunteer to give the message or a guest speaker, usually a previous member of the club who has graduated, gives the message. Free food is given at every meeting and it usually consists of hotdogs, chips, cookies, and juice. Most of their expenses are provided by their fundraiser money. Once in awhile, Student Outreach gives out ice cream sundaes, hosts pizza parties, and plans movie nights for their members.

Being in her senior year, Briana has a bittersweet feeling about leaving high school. She expressed, “I am going to miss Student Outreach and fellowshipping with other students, but I hope to visit after I graduate and see how much it has grown after I left.

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