Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Down Main Street


On Saturday, January 28, the Braves’ Entertainment Corps marched down Disney’s Main Street for the hundreds of families that attended.

“My experience down Main Street was hard but fun. Remembering to be in step but also play fun music. It’s an experience I’ll never forget or anyone else that joined us backstage for the performance,” stated BPHS Senior Danielle Jimenez.

The Braves’ Entertainment Corps was selected after auditioning to perform for Disneyland’s parade. The Braves were “honorary cast members” for a day. The students enjoyed marching down the long Main Street which was full of curvy turns and felt honored to have been selected again for 2017.

“I was scared to fall but it was fun overall… I was in the middle. I was scared to trip on the tracks, well I did but didn’t fall..,” exaggerated BPHS Sophomore Genevie Peña.

After the parade the Braves were awarded with a plaque which states that they had performed at Disneyland for the year 2017. The Braves have received plaques over the past couple of years when they were invited back to the theme park. Disneyland’s awesome crew members were very sweet and welcoming. As soon as the Braves finished performing, they changed out of uniform, into fresh clothes, and enjoyed the rest of their day in the theme park.

Freshmen corps members seemed to handle their first Disney parade quite fine. Jimenez mentioned that the rookies were very excited on the bus ride there, but by the time they got backstage, they were anxious about messing it up for the whole group. Not to mention, it was also nerve-wrecking for the seniors, as it seemed to be their last time marching down that street in their uniform with their band family.

“I thought the kids were amazing, we had an amazing performance,” stated Peter Huerta, BPHS band director.

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