Braves Baptized by the Saints


BALDWIN PARK, CA – On Tuesday, February 7, Baldwin Park’s Varsity Girls’ Soccer took on San Dimas at home on their Senior Night and lost, 1-0.

“I thought the girls played really well and they put all of their effort into the game even though they didn’t win,” said senior Samantha Sanchez who attended the game with Renaissance. “I went to support my friends and cheer them on because the game seemed really important to them.”

As the first half began, the Lady Braves kept up well with their opponents. The game started off slowly with the only action being the ball’s continuous change of hands. Samantha Vega helped the Lady Braves come near their goal for the first time in the game. She carried it close and passed to Alyah Rueff who kicked it high and out, losing possession of the ball.

The girls on both sides began to fight fiercely  for possession of the ball. The Lady Braves once again got through the Saints’ defense to their post. Jennifer Nava attempted to score but was heavily blocked by the Saints and knocked to the ground. Vega and Allison Pimentel then gained control of the ball, passing amongst each other, until their passes were intercepted. After one more loss of possession, captain Jessyca Gonzalez regained the ball, but Vega fell injured at the end of this play. In the last few minutes of the first half, the Braves attempted to put themselves on the scoreboard. Jennifer Nava went in for a goal but unfortunately crashed into the Saints’ goalie.

The second half began very much like the first. The game was steady and the ball kept changing from Brave possession to Saint possession. Rueff drove the ball down only to have a Saint kick it off as she neared the Saints’ goal. Vega gained possession after returning the Braves to their position near the post. Unfortunately, lack of communication among the Lady Braves led to their passes being intercepted and loss of possession. The girls came close to scoring once again when they centered the ball and Rueff attempted a header, the ball going right past the post and out of bounds.

After a few Brave losses of possession near the goal, the Saints scored the first and only goal of the game. The opponents erupted in celebration at the goal that determined their victory. The game grew more aggressive in the final minutes as the Braves tried desperately to score and tie the game. However they were unable to attempt a goal. The game ended, 1-0, a Saint victory.

Once the game was over, the varsity girls were gathered up. The seniors on the team were recognized, given gifts and had their future plans and fond memories of playing read to the entire stadium. The loss had not broken the spirits of the girls, who rejoiced in their love for the game and the memories they have made through it.

“Despite the score I’m glad that I got to play one last time with my team,” commented varsity captain Gonzalez. “They are a huge impact in my life and I am proud to call them my sisters.”


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