Rowland Raided off the Field


BALDWIN PARK, CA– On Thursday February 14, Baldwin Park Boys’ soccer achieved another win, this time against the Rowland Raiders with the game ending with a score of 2-0.

“It was a good match up, we fought and they fought, it wasn’t easy but we got the win,” said Jason Cabrera.

With the our boys leading in league with 6-1 record, it seemed as though they weren’t as intense as they had been in previous games. The BPHS boys scored within minutes of the first half, which made the Raiders step up their game as they began to play more aggressively.

Minutes later, the Raiders were able to advance to their goal and take a shot that Luis Morales was able to slap away. However the ball bounced back into the game and a Raider took the opportunity to again attempt to make a goal. The referees blew their whistle and dismissed the shot.

The Braves did not slow down and continued to try as many goals as possible, even though they were not successful. Jason Cabrera tried to scored with a header, but the opposing team’s goalkeeper caught the ball. The score remained at 1-0 for the remainder of the first half.

During the second half, Angel Cardenas successfully scored a goal for the Braves. The ball kept coming back to the goalkeeper Juventino Magana, but he continued to kick the ball back to his teammates. After kicking the ball around for quite a while, it seemed as if the opposing team was going to shoot, but they were successfully stopped every time. The second goal of the night was by  Benjamin Palafox, which was also his first goal of the season, and it secured the Braves’ win. At that point, only a few minutes remained and the Baldwin Park boys were able to hold their lead. They now had a league record of 7-1.

“I felt like it was an intense game, they fought hard, but we held our own and ended up winning,” expressed the team captain, Jesus Flores.

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