Braves Sacked by the Raiders


BALDWIN PARK, CA– On Friday, February 3, the BPHS Boys Varsity Basketball team lost against the Rowland Raiders on home territory with a final score of 66-45.

“We just hope to have fun our last two games, we have absolutely nothing to lose,” relayed BPHS senior Fernando Carrillo.

The Raiders tried to score in the first few seconds of the quarter, but the Braves prevented that from happening. Luis Flores aggressively passed through the opponents and passed to Eric Carbajal, who made the first shot and three-pointer of the night within the first minute. The Raiders scored not long after. Both teams started off slow and steady, working out their own strategies. The Raiders attempted to score a couple of times, and Carbajal tried his best to outlast his blockers. He then hustled and passed to Julian Moreno, who passed it back to Carbajal, and scored. Flores passed the ball to Angel Zuniga, who then made a three-pointer. Trying not to break their streak, Flores made two points. Zuniga passed to Flores, passing to Moreno, who made another two points for the Braves. After a long time of strategic passes, Carbajal aggressively positioned himself, and was able to score a three-pointer, with the score at 15-12, Braves in the lead. Edgar Morales sped things up by scoring after a pass from Flores. The Raiders kept shooting but missed, only to have the ball in the Braves’ possession again. Moreno passed to Zuniga, who added points for the Braves’ lead, 20-12.

The Raiders couldn’t find a way to pass around the Braves, during which the Braves took the chance and hustled to keep their game going. The ball was stolen from Carbajal but he got it again, passing to Flores, who then missed the basket. David Brizuela got the ball from the rebound, passing to Flores, then to Zuniga, but missed again. An intense show of passing by Carbajal and Flores took place, preventing the opponents from stealing. Carbajal received the ball from Flores and was about to shoot a three-pointer, but it was stolen by a Raider. Both teams ran back and forth on the court, attacking each other to gain possession of the ball. The Braves and Raiders were desperate to shoot, especially with the score tied, 20-20. The Raiders proved the Braves wrong by switching out players and stepping up their game and continuously stealing and scoring points little by little. Moreno passed to Flores, then to Carbajal, who attempted to score but the Raiders stole the ball. The Raiders seemed to have found out the Brave’s strategy, ending the second quarter by making a huge comeback, 32-20.

After halftime, the Raiders continued to slowly score and leave the Braves in the dust. Flores passed to Brizuela, attempting to score. Again, both teams attacked for the ball, running back and forth, which led to a timeout called by the Braves. Still at 20 points, the Braves seemed unable to do anything. The Raiders kept stealing, as the Braves’ weakness was exposed. They were not as aggressive anymore; the Raiders were tiring them out. Flores attempted to score, but the ball hit the rim instead. Brizuela prevented anyone from stealing and passed to Zuniga, who also missed the basket, hitting the rim. Carbajal and Flores were at it again, but the strategy wouldn’t work anymore. The Raiders continued to score until 40-20, the Braves still stuck. Carbajal and Moreno passed the ball around, looking to pass to a teammate. Zuniga and Carrillo attempted to score but their nervousness won them over. Moreno got the rebound, passing to Carbajal, then to Cesar Pichardo, who then broke the long silence for the Braves, scoring a three-pointer. Not long after, the Raiders made many more points and passed around to stall time. Morales was ahead and attempted to shoot, but a Raider came from behind and knocked the ball out. He redeemed himself by scoring two points, making it 47-25. Flores managed to steal the ball from the Raiders and passed to Brizuela, to Moreno, who quickly made a long pass to Pichardo, who then ended the quarter with a three-point corner shot, 49-28.

The last quarter did not end well for the Braves. The Raiders had switched out their good players and continued scoring. Flores knew his team wasn’t going to win, but still had the energy to try. Moreno helped Flores afterward and scored two points for the Braves. Carbajal too kept trying and tried to pass, but it fell into the hands of a nearby Raider. Flores made two points, but the Raiders played faster and harder, despite their lead. Carbajal used this time to improve, showing off his dribbling skills and passed to Moreno, who scored for the Braves. Not long after, Carbajal passed to Moreno, and score another two points. Flores was nearby after, and added more points to the scoreboard. The Raiders were now taking things slow, but still played around with the ball in their possession. Flores and Zuniga were still full of energy, still chasing after the Raiders. Soon the Braves had hold of the ball and Pichardo attempted a three-pointer. Carbajal helped him out by scoring three points for the Braves. Moreno stole the ball after a rebound and passed to Zuniga, scoring with an impressive three-pointer. The score was 64-43, with only two minutes left on the clock. Zuniga attempted to score, and Carbajal scored, ending the game and giving in to the Raider’s victory, 66-45.

“Our team isn’t as bad as our record portrays,” Carrillo continues. “Friday night we proved it by staying in the game with a top team in our league. Sadly, we can’t finish off teams, we forget our fundamental skills. Our senior were ill with the flu and our young boys tried to make up for their absences, but it wasn’t enough.”

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