Key Club: Another GUY as LTG


WEST COVINA, CA– On Saturday, February 4, hundreds of Key Clubbers from Region 13 arrived at San Jose Charter Academy to see who their new Lieutenant Governor (LTG) Elect would be. Region 13 now consists of six divisions: 10 North, 10 South, 15 North, 15 South, 35 East, and 35 West, each with its own LTG. Baldwin Park High School Key Club is in Division 35 West, among twelve other schools around the San Gabriel Valley area.

Conclave is an annual Key Club event where the next LTG is elected and revealed for the new term. LTGs are responsible for keeping clubs in check, helping and directing the clubs within his or her division, as well as being a liaison between the clubs and the district.

Guy Suankaew, Vice President of Arroyo High School, won the election as the LTG for the 2017-2018 term. “Running was something I never expected to do. I was never someone to actually take chances. But thanks to Key Club, I took one and it paid off so much,” he expressed. “Now I’m not only able to develop the division I call my family, but even get to make a difference in the life of someone else, and that means the whole world to me!”

After registration took place and everyone was settled, the Key Clubbers listened to the 21 candidates announce their speeches and a round of intense caucus questions. The audience was silent most of the time, but occasionally, they were also too excited to keep quiet, trying to predict the next LTG.

Alberto Garcia, BPHS junior, and Haley Zheng, BPHS freshman, proudly represented BPHS as delegates, having the honor to vote for the next LTG of Division 35 West. It’s important to know who to vote for, as he or she will be working closely with BPHS Key Club.

Garcia believed Conclave was a great experience and he also hopes to run for a position on the Baldwin Park Key Club’s Officer Board. “Conclave was very tiresome but an influential experience,” he said. “Having to wake up early since I was a delegate and sitting all day was a bit tiring. However, overall it was a great experience to learn from the candidates which has inspired me to run for a position myself.”

Conclave is one of the best events that truly show what Key Club is all about. Being a leader doesn’t mean everyone has to have an officer position or be LTG. Rather, just being an active member means a lot, contributing to the school, community, and Key Club as a whole.

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