Braves Ransacked by Raiders


BALDWIN PARK, CA — On Friday, February 3, Baldwin Park’s Girls’ Varsity Basketball team took on the Rowland Raiders on Brave territory and lost against them with a score of 63-7.

“Rowland High School has a great team,” admitted Brianna Ibarra. “However, I feel that our varsity team lacked in confidence and trust in each other. We had weak passes and were rushing too much.”

At the beginning of the match, the Braves attempted to put a solid foot forward and set up a worthy offense against the Raiders. However, the Raiders beat the Braves in this attempt and set a major lead early on, 11-0. The Raiders scored each time the ball was in their possession. The Braves’ best counter-strategy was to improve their offense and quickly score before the Raiders could reset their powerful defense. Jennifer Aguilar put the Braves’ first points on the scoreboard with a clean lay-up, 19-2. The Raiders became more aggressive afterwards, but the Braves’ defense, especially Nicole Rodriguez, were able to prevent several of the Raiders’ attempts to score. The first quarter ended with a score of 30-2, the Raiders in the lead.

During the second quarter, the Raiders consistently set up solid defensive and offensive strategies. In retaliation, Aguilar and Ibarra pressured the Raiders time after time but were unsuccessful in executing a complete play. The Raiders continued to score relentlessly during the second quarter, bringing the score to 43-3 at one point. As the gap between the two teams increased, the Braves fought fatigue and became more aggressive in steals and maintaining possession. The first half of the match ended with a score of 43-5, the Braves trailing behind.

After halftime, the Raiders put the first points of the second half onto the scoreboard. Once again, Aguilar and Ibarra efficiently led aggressive charges as the Raiders fought to further their lead. With a lay-up from Rodriguez, the Lady Braves brought the score to 51-7. Neither team was able to score after the Lady Braves’ play, and the third quarter ended.

In the final quarter, both the Braves and the Raiders seemed worn out, but the Braves dug deep to play good defense against the Raiders’ offense-oriented style. The Braves did not have many opportunities to score during this quarter. Essentially, the spotlight was on the Raiders during the final minutes. Three different Raiders shot three-consecutive three-pointers, eliciting cheers and astonishment throughout the crowd. With these final points, the game ended with the Raider’s victory, 63-8.

“Regardless of how we played on Friday, I think we will be alright,” Ibarra commented. “This Tuesday [February 7] is our senior night against San Dimas. I know as a team we will shake off Friday’s loss and play with our heart this Tuesday.”

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