Braves Corralled by the Colts


BALDWIN PARK, CA — On Tuesday, January 31, Baldwin Park Girls’ Varsity Soccer took on the Covina Colts on Brave territory and lost, 1-0.

“It was intense. It was fun to watch,” commented boys’ soccer player Luis Morales.

Covina immediately gained a lead, scoring in the first few minutes of the first half and bringing the score to 1-0. The Braves’ offense was strong from the beginning of the game due to the Colts scoring so early in the game and got close to the goal multiple times. However, their clean passes and persistence were not enough to get past the Colts’ defense, which did not leave any open area near the goal.

The Braves’ defense lacked communication, making it a frustrating first half. Jessyca Gonzalez slid in a desperate attempt to take the ball from the Colts, but the ball went out of bounds. Gonzalez then gained possession of the ball and passed it to Allison Pimentel when she felt herself losing control of the ball. The first half ended with Pimentel attempting a goal, which went over the bar, and a Colt lead, 1-0.

As the second half began, the Braves’ offense was noticeably stronger. The Colts almost scored early on, but BP’s goalie, Briana Valencia, was able to stop the ball, not allowing the Colts to take on a bigger lead. The teams were head-to-head, fighting for possession of the ball and desperately trying to reach their goals.

The Braves’ offense were finally able to score, but, in a controversial call, the goal was declared off sides and the BP supporters in the stands erupted in disbelief. Pimentel took a shot not long after, which was unsuccessful. These disappointments drained the girls’ energy. The plays grew more aggressive, typical of a close game reaching its end.

The Lady Braves’ efficient passes allowed them to get near their goal, but they lost possession before they were able to shoot. The Colts tried to carry the ball to their end, but Alexis Garcia stole it and covered most of the field before the Colts kicked it out. A foul gained the Braves a free kick which Pimentel took and unfortunately missed. The game got much quicker as it entered its final minutes. The Braves once again got extremely close to their post and Vega took a shot but was unable to close the score gap. The BP girls were not passing to the correct places and were unable to gain another opportunity to shoot. The game ended with a Colt victory, 1-0.

“I felt like our team did great and we played together as we should. I felt like I did great but I could of gave a bit more to help boost up my team’s confidence,” said varsity player Samantha Vega.

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