Twinkle Twinkle Not so Little Burger


BALDWIN PARK,CA– Star Burgers is a family owned burger joint that has been around for over 30 years. It used to be located near Morgan Park but has since moved to West Badillo Street, closer to Baldwin Park High School in order to accommodate the students.

Star Burgers is usually filled with customers, most of them BPHS students. The place is small but roomy enough to fit a good amount of people and plenty of tables for everyone.

There is a wide variety of foods from breakfast platters to pastrami sandwiches, but the main meal is the burger. Starburgers offers a cheeseburger combo for $6.25. The combo includes a cheeseburger, a side of fries, and a medium soda. The burgers and fries have no size options because they are naturally big.

The burgers are fresh as they are cooked right when you order them, likewise for the fries. The burger is very good and very big inside as well. They are charbroiled so that adds some smokey flavor to them. The lettuce and tomatoes also taste fresh and are firm.

The fries are very big compared to McDonald’s fries or In-N-Out fries. They are also plenty of fries served so you have enough to share with a friend.

The employees are also very friendly and greet every customer that walks in. On several occasions, the employees and the customers are on a first-name basis. Furthermore, when a customer finished his food the owner himself went out and cleaned every table.

In conclusion, Star Burgers has been a restaurant I’ve been coming to since I was 8 years old and still enjoy it to this day. Star Burgers is the go to place after a game of tennis. The burgers are fresh, the prices are cheap, the food is big, and the employees are friendly. I give Star Burgers a 5/5.

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