Food for the Sul


ROWLAND HEIGHTS, CA– Sul & Beans is a dessert spot that opened its first location in Koreatown in Los Angeles in 2014. They recently opened a new location in Rowland Heights that has been causing quite a bit of buzz among the youth in the area. This hotspot is located in the Diamond Plaza off the 60 freeway, and serves Asian deserts like bingsoo. Bing-what? Now it’s not likely that most people will be familiar with this dessert, but bingsoo is Korean shaved ice covered in countless, delectable toppings. 

Upon walking inside, we there is an open display of all of the flavors that they offer. There were many different types of flavors, including flavors like original milk ($8.95), injeolmi ($9.95), green tea ($9.95), coffee ($9.95), oreo ($9.95), chocolate ($9.95), taro ($9.95), fresh strawberry ($9.95), fresh mango ($10.95), yogurt berry ($10.95), and strawberry cheesecake ($10.95). Along with their shaved ice, the shop also serves brick toast ($5.95-$6.95) and healthy homemade drinks ($3.45-$4.45).

The staff was very patient and kind, and eagerly explained all of the different flavors they had. After ordering, a little buzzer was given that would alert when the order was ready. Guests are allowed to seat themselves wherever they please in the spacious area.

Our group decided to try the green tea bingsoo and fresh mango bingsoo, after it was recommended to us by the staff. The wait for our food was less than 5 minutes and when we received it, it was a sight to behold. Every bowl comes with a small cup of condensed milk that is meant to be drizzled over the ice. The green tea bingsoo had a very mildly sweet, yet earthy flavor. The shaved ice was unlike any other that I had seen. It wasn’t crunchy like those at most places, but rather it had an almost fluffy texture. The matcha powder itself was not sweet, but in combination with the condensed milk and red beans, it was given the push that it needed. Despite being an ice dish, the combo of matcha and condensed milk gave it a creamy flavor that was unexpected. The fresh mango on the other bowl was exactly what it was said to be: fresh. The shaved ice was layered with a mango puree that dispersed the fruity flavor. On top was an abundance of cubed mango and condensed milk that provided texture.

Overall, I would rate this place a 4.5/5 because I think that it’s an excellent spot to hit up to satisfy late night sweets cravings. The service was good and the atmosphere was friendly and inviting. I gave 5 points for the quality and flavor of the desserts, but took off 0.5 because it is a little bit on the pricey side.

Just share it.