Arrowhead on Point: Leanne Do


BALDWIN PARK,CA– Fellow Braves might know Baldwin Park High School senior, Leanne Do, as a dedicated athlete and an active member in her church, but not many would know that she is also president of the Arrowhead Staff, the school’s yearbook committee.

“Arrowhead is the new name of the yearbook,” Do explained. “We decided to call it Arrowhead because it has an affiliation to our school mascot, the Braves.”

Yearbook at BPHS is a relatively small class, with various committees of students running different categories. Some run the social media outlets while others are in charge of sports. It’s only Do’s first year in BPHS Yearbook, but she’s seized the chance to run for president in her senior year.

“I decided to run for president because out of the small class, not a lot of them seemed like they were confident or didn’t know what they wanted,” she expressed. “ I had a vision for how I wanted Arrowhead to be. I believed in myself to be a leader of the enthusiastic and productive group.”

Some of Do’s responsibilities include keeping things in order and reminding people of their duties. While it may seem all fun and games, working on the yearbook is full of tedious work. The yearbook staff has to be careful, making sure everything is error-free before hundreds of yearbook copies are made. On top of that, they each have to consistently go to several events and sports games throughout the school year to capture great moments.

“The most stressful part is the same for every member. We have to make time to go to these events and get good pictures,” said Do. “Sometimes it’s really frustrating to get good shots of everyone. The best part is watching everyone do their part and seeing the yearbook slowly come together.”

Even with her responsibilities in Arrowhead, she is also a member of Humanitarian Club, Key Club, and the BPHS Basketball and Track team. Her daily schedule is always packed with school, practice, homework, and extracurricular activities.

“Sports takes up a lot of my time and it’s hard to make time for everything else. I try to squeeze in events when I don’t have a packed schedule for basketball or not have much homework,” she admitted.

Having a high school yearbook provides students their memories for the future. The Arrowhead Staff does its job efficiently to ensure the best quality possible and allows everyone to gain experience and have fun. Leanne Do is the perfect student to guide the way.

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