Braves Scratched by the Wildcats


BALDWIN PARK, CA– On Thursday, January 26, the BPHS Boy’s Varsity Soccer team played against the Wilson Wildcats on home territory, losing 1-0.

Jason Cabrera shared his after-game thoughts,  “I was disappointed we didn’t play to our ability.”

The Wilson Wildcats were exceptionally aggressive during the first half of the game, remaining in control of the ball for the majority of the time. The Braves worked their hardest to communicate and work efficiently, but it seemed as though it was not enough against the skill of the Wildcats.

Throughout the game, the Braves struggled to keep ownership of the ball, with Wilson coming on to them with incredible zeal. Several of the Braves fell but were able to collect themselves and get back out onto the field.

During an extremely brief exchange, that could have easily been missed by spectators if they batted an eye, Wilson player fouled Brave Luis Villa, resulting in a yellow card from the referee.

After fighting off multiple Wildcats to keep possession of the ball, Jose Acosta set out on the search for the optimal position to shoot the ball into Wilson’s goal. When he finally got to dead center of the goal, he shot the ball into the goal, but his foot slipped, causing it to curve off to the side. The first half ended 0-0.

The second half was no different from the first half with both teams roughly keeping the ball away from each other. Wilson, however, attempted to make many shots and eventually scored.  At 1-0, Wilson in the lead, the Braves felt motivated to try to score as well, but all attempts fell short.

A Wildcat was able to obtain the ball and run it all the way to their goal without any Braves stopping his course and had a clean shot to score, but Luis Morales was able to successfully block it.

With the fear of Wilson scoring again, the Braves were more motivated to score. Unfortunately, the Braves missed all their close attempts and were unable to score, resulting in their first loss in league.

“It was very frustrating knowing that we have the team to beat them, but we didn’t make the opportunities and capitalize on one mistake and that’s just how it is, but we’re still in first place and I expect us to win league,” Jesus Flores expressed about the loss.   

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