Braves Soaked by San Dimas


BALDWIN PARK,CA– On Monday, January 30, Baldwin Park’s Girl’s Varsity Water Polo took on the San Dimas Saints and ended with a score of 12-2, with San Dimas victorious.

Senior water polo player Natalie Parada commented, “I thought Monday’s game went well. We improved a lot and handled pressure better than we usually do.”

In the first quarter, San Dimas took the lead. At 6:03 Francesca Vargas scored a goal putting the score at 1-0. The Braves kept a strong defense and offense as both teams struggled with scoring for 2 minutes. However, Egan Morgan from San Dimas broke the stalemate by scoring a goal. Less than a minute later, Saint Evelyn Flores scored. Morgan began and scored a point past Brave goalie Jessica Escobedo at the 2 minute mark. The ending score of the first quarter was 5-0, with San Dimas in the lead. The Braves, however, did not look discouraged and proceeded to give it their all.

In the second quarter, the Braves started on the offensive but had trouble getting near the goal. San Dimas had the same problem when the ball was in their possession as the Braves held their ground and allowed zero advances. Amber Dejohnette from San Dimas fouled Brave Katleen Bolanos at  4:30. Bolanos was given a penalty shot and scored in the penalty at 4:04, giving Baldwin Park their first score of the game. The game proceeded on with both teams slowing down and playing more tactically. San Dimas’ Frankie Lopez scored a point at 1:31 mark. The Braves were not set back by the goal and forged a strong counter attack. Bolanos threw a very strong ball and made it in the goal at 0:53, less than a minute from another San Dimas goal. The second quarter ended with the score of 6-2, Saints.

The third quarter started with the Braves pumped after a pep talk from their coach. The Braves jumped on in passing the ball to one another, trying to keep the ball out of the Saints’ reach while advancing. Brave Natalie Parada tried to shoot but, the Saints had her covered. Possession of the ball changed and the Saints scored two goals in 2 minutes. Brave Jade Escobar passed the ball to Jaylene Rosas who tried to push forward but the strong efforts were to no avail due to a missed shot. San Dimas scored 2 more goals, the last one being scored at 2:15. Parada pushed forward along with Najelly Ramos but a foul was committed and their push died down. The results of the third quarter left the score as 10-2, Saints.

In the fourth quarter, the Braves started off playing with the same energy as they did when the game started. The Saints tried to push for an attack but Angie Maya stopped the opponent, not allowing them to get close to the goal. San Dimas managed to slip past the Braves defense and scored. The Braves continued to try to score, but San Dimas stopped their attempts and counter pushed themselves. Parada guarded the opponent, forcing her to pass the ball to a teammate but Braves guarded that person as well and San Dimas’ attempt to score failed.

The game came to an end as most of the quarter consisted of excellent defense from both teams, resulting in a frequent change of ball possession. Nonetheless, the Saints managed to score a final point in the last three seconds. The final score of the game was 12-2 with San Dimas victorious.

Parada commented “[Our] Strengths are that we don’t give up and we keep trying no matter what.”

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