Braves Pounced by the Wildcats


BALDWIN PARK, CA– On Friday, January 27, the BPHS Girls’ Varsity Basketball team played the Wilson Wildcats at the BPHS Gym with a final score of 46-25, the Wildcats’ victory.

BPHS Basketball player Leanne Do, when asked what her team’s strengths were, replied, “Our defense is honestly good and getting better. We’re learning how to work with each other and move around on both offense and defense.”

The game started off well for the Wilson Wildcats, who scored seven points in only three minutes. This put the Wildcats at an early lead with the Braves strengthening their game as they played. The Braves went in with a strong push but got shut down when their player slipped. The Wildcats executed a quick counter push and made a layup, leaving the score at 9-0, the Wildcats’ lead.

Samantha Villa from Baldwin Park got the ball, shot a three-pointer and got the score up to 9-3. The Braves started to play more aggressively and scored a two-pointer, putting the score at 9-5. The rest of the first quarter ended in a stalemate with both schools putting up strong defenses.

In the second quarter,  the Wildcats started the game with a layup in the first 30 seconds. The Braves retaliated quickly with a two-pointer in the counter attack, only moments after the score, 10-5. Georgina Vazquez made a free throw which brought the score up to 11-6. The Braves continued to make shots, but the Wildcats put up a good defense. Both teams started to play very aggressively and start taking more shots which paid off, leaving the score at 17-9, with Wilson in the lead. The Braves managed to make one more two pointer as the half was in its final moments ending, with a score of 17-11.

The third quarter started off slowly with both teams playing very well on defense. They shuffled back and forth down the court with effortless motions. Wilson made the first points three minutes and 46 seconds into the game and made a three-pointer leaving the score at 20-11. Shortly after Wilson made another three-pointer, furthering the score to 23-11. The Braves got fouled and made a point from a free throw as well as a two-pointer. Wilson managed to make a two-pointer in their counter attack, leaving the score at 25-14 with three minutes left on the clock. Brave Samantha Villa scored two points and the score was brought up to 25-18. With only a minute left on the clock  both teams put up strong defenses, but neither team was able to make a point in the final moments. The resulting score was 25-18.

The final quarter started and in the first 30 seconds, the Wildcats scored a two-pointer which brought the score up to 27-18. Another two-pointer from Wilson followed shortly. The game intensified and The Braves made a comeback and scored a two-pointer. Wilson took control of the court and made four more points, which brought the score up to 33-20. The Braves kept their heads up and continued to try their best. They played good defense and tried their best on offense. Wilson started to play very aggressively and managed to bring up the score to 39-20. The Braves made a free throw and the score was 39-21. The Braves followed that point by making a two-pointer but not without Wilson making a few points of their own, 44-24. Both teams scored, 46-25. With one minute left on the clock, the Braves didn’t give up and pushed forward to make a point. The game ended with both teams unable to score any additional points and the final score was 46-25.

Senior Briana Ibarra commented, “Overall, I think Friday was one of our best games throughout the whole season. Yes, we didn’t win, but we played as a team. We had great ball rotations and our intensity throughout the game was amazing. Everyone contributed in the game whether one had an assist, scored or was cheering for their team on the bench.”

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