Ju-You-Know Juniper?


BALDWIN PARK, CA– If you’re a student at Baldwin Park, then it’s more than likely you’ve heard the name Holly Juniper. Ms. Juniper has built up quite the reputation, becoming a household name on campus, and isn’t a force to be reckoned with.

Having first started her teaching career in 1997 at Pasadena High School, Ms. Juniper began with a philosophy that she had beautifully written out in a well-articulated note for herself. However, once she actually began teaching her first class, she realized it wouldn’t be how she thought teaching would be.

Juniper commented, “Sometimes I feel that I have a great job, and sometimes I’m a little flabbergasted. Like ‘Oh my God’ I get paid to read and talk about books. And I don’t think there could be a better life. However, being an English teacher is very hard and taxing and wearing, but I still like the job. Even though I’m still reading the same books, I still find new challenges. The books are essentially classic in the concept of the universal transients of time and so it’s always fresh.”

Ms. Juniper is known for her refreshing personality and at times, odd sense of humor. While some may see her as an unorthodox educator, she believes rules don’t necessarily always need to be followed. They aren’t fun.

“So for junior English, there are telltale, or touchstone goals for me. Obviously, I would prefer to have my AP kids increase their scores every year, or have more kids be successful. A lot of times I feel, even coming in as a junior, kids are really going to either pass or fail. And my job is to take those kids and move them up a notch. So the kids that are all 3s, to get them to 4s, and the kids that are 4s, to get them to 5s. And there’s also the SBAC exam, and that’s another driving focus for the junior class and I want them to do well. I talk about how important it is, and so, for the most part, we’ve been doing well. I had a really good AP year last year. I hope to repeat that. I always want better scores. That’s the goal,” stated Ms. Juniper.

Ms. Juniper is also very involved with groups on campus. She is currently the advisor for the National Honors Society and the Humanitarian Club. Furthermore, she is also in charge of Peer Pals, a group that helps to counsel students on campus.

Juniper detailed, “All my years of teaching have allowed me to interact with really remarkable people. Whether that be the people I’ve been able to work with or staff I’ve been able to work with. I think that’s the plus: who I have been able to interact with and be a part of their lives.”

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