Braves Vanquish the Vikings


BALDWIN PARK, CA — On Tuesday, January 24, Baldwin Park’s Girls’ Varsity soccer took on the Northview Vikings on Braves territory and ended the game with a Brave victory, 3-0.

“This victory has given us a lot more confidence and I feel like the team can build off this win and play harder the next games coming up because it feels so good to win as a team,” said player Stephanie Ma of her team’s well-deserved triumph.

The first half began with an early goal attempt by the Lady Braves which barely missed, hitting the top goal post and bouncing out. The Lady Braves’ offense struggled with an inattentive shot from the right wing becoming another unsuccessful attempt to score. As the first half progressed, the teams grew stronger and leveled out.

The ball continued to change hands with the Lady Braves moving quickly and fighting for possession of the ball. The Vikings reached their goal, but the Braves’ defense was able to stop them from scoring the first point of the game. With the ball in their possession, the Braves were able to get it across the field and Samantha Vega gained the Braves their lead, 1-0. Vega was then able to quickly attempt another goal, but the Vikings’ persistent blocking forced her to kick the ball out.

The game seemed to get more aggressive as the players began to clash more often. The Braves continued to put up a fight and their offense remained consistent. Ma scored the Braves their second goal, bringing the score to 2-0. Alexis Garcia’s impressive footwork allowed her to evade the Vikings’ defense and gain some distance, but the Vikings were eventually able to steal the ball back. Jennifer Nava immediately stole it back and carried it to BP’s side where Jessyca Gonzalez scored the Braves their third goal, 3-0, securing them a steady lead as the first half came to its end.

The Lady Braves controlled the second half. They began the second half with clean and efficient passes which allowed Allison Pimentel to quickly get the ball to the Braves’ goal. Pimentel passed it to Vega in hope of scoring the Braves their fourth goal, but the Vikings’ defense drove Vega out. The Lady Braves’ offense showed to be significantly stronger than in the first half, retaining control of the ball long enough to carry it larger distances than before. The Vikings’ plays also grew more intensive in an attempt to close the three-point Brave lead. A few more attempts to gain the Braves a greater lead, by Vega and Jennifer Nava, were ultimately unsuccessful. The game slowed down as the end of the second half neared.

The Lady Braves continued to exhibit good ball control and began to focus on protecting their lead rather than scoring. The Vikings managed to make one final attempt to score, which proved unsuccessful and ended the game with a clear Brave victory, 3-0.

Ma commented on her team’s change of luck, saying, “I feel like the team is growing stronger every practice and game we have. We have improved so much from the beginning of pre-season and I am so proud to be part of this team, I love these girls.”

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