Hellen Jimenez: Great, Let’s Debate


BALDWIN PARK, CA — When met with a desire to improve a certain aspect of one’s life, many individuals find it difficult to meet the challenge head-on. However, Debate Club President and BPHS senior, Hellen Jimenez, is not one of these individuals. Joining the Debate Club as a freshman was how she decided to meet her own challenge.

“I remember joining the club because I wanted to improve my public-speaking skills,” confessed Jimenez.

Since she joined, Jimenez has been involved with the club for all four years of her high school career. She rose to leadership positions steadily. She became the vice president of the club as a junior and currently leads the club as its president.

As president, Jimenez handles many significant responsibilities, the most important responsibility being  monitoring the debates held during each meeting.

At a typical Debate Club meeting held in room 715 every Tuesday, Jimenez begins by writing the topic of discussion on the classroom board and then splits the members into different views. Sometimes, members can argue for their personal views, but other times, Jimenez dictates the view that each member should argue to work on their ability to see different perspectives. Then, each side of the argument presents its opening statement and the debate ensues.

Debates can often become passionate, especially when the topic is controversial.

“I love that our debaters open up to share their opinions on different issues and defend their side of the argument in a whole-hearted manner, even if they do not personally agree with it all the time,” Jimenez explained. “I, myself, get inspired by the very opinionated individuals in Debate Club.”

After the debate, all members are welcome to make closing statements. Then, Jimenez reveals next week’s topic, so members may research both sides of the debate before the next meeting on Tuesday.

As a senior, Jimenez is sad to see her time with the Debate Club come to a close in her final year at BPHS. Yet, she has many hopes for the club.

“I hope that the club is able to expand and attract more of our fellow Braves. With a large enough group, there could possibly be a debate team in the future, competing against debate teams from other high schools in the area!” Jimenez expressed excitedly.

However, graduation is still months away, so Jimenez still finds herself working hard for the Debate Club. Currently, she and the members of the club are planning how they will participate in the 8th grade orientation and promote their club to incoming freshmen.

“We want to make it fun and appealing, so we have come up a number of ideas, one of which is to hold a political rap battle,” details Jimenez. “However, we are still in the process of deciding.”

If you are interested, you can still join the Debate Club. Jimenez highly encourages new members to join and began working towards her goal of building a bigger and more active Debate Club.

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