Tis The Season For New Sports


BALDWIN PARK,CA– On Friday, January 20, the Winter Sports Rally displayed all the winter sports teams and promoted the Winter Formal. Isabella Caballero and Ruby Murillo introduced all of the teams and ASB engaged the audience in a couple of games.

The rally started off with a warm welcome from the drumline and cheer performed their routine of cadence, the song the band plays for all important events, together. As the people were getting settled down, the sports teams were getting ready to go.

All the teams got a chance to go up to the microphone and the captains expressed their gratitude for their teams and their coaches. Their speeches ended with their specific chant. Among the teams, the girls’ water polo captains, Natalie Parada and Nayelli Ramos, gave a shout out to Coach Thomas and thanked him for all his love for the team. Girls varsity basketball captains, Jenny Aguilar, Kirsten Sera, and Brianna Ibarra also shared that they have early 5:00 am practices and how they believe it is worth the time. Mr. Ippolito shared his happiness with Boys’ Varsity Soccer for making it to C.I.F three years ago and expressed his hope for them to go to CIF again this year.

All the winter sports captains were invited to play Pickle Spit where the players put a pickle in their mouths and spit it across the floor and the pickle that lands further would be winner.

A different game required three people to wear pantyhose on their heads and try to knock down a line of water bottles without using their hands. Although Kevin Ramirez used his hands, he was the only one capable of knocking down the water bottles.

The cheer squad performed a very entertaining dance routine followed by the Drama students showing off their improv skills. Their skit had many of the students in tears because of how funny it was, especially when Evelyn Montenegro began rapping Shakespeare, which allowed for the rally to end on a good note.

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