Marching for a Change


January 20th marked Donald J. Trump’s ascension to the presidency of the United States. Ever since his victory in the November election, many people have protested against Trump. This led to people coming together and holding a women’s march the day after President Trump was inaugurated.

The Women’s March displayed how people refused to accept Trump as president and protested Trump’s comments that insulted women. President Trump said disrespectful things about women; he labled some women as “fat pigs” and “dogs.” Furthermore, President Trump has even targetted media members. Megyn Kelly is a journalist who used to work for Fox News. During the past election, President Trump did not enjoy Megyn Kelly’s comments, leading to Trump calling Kelly a “bimbo.”

Women’s Marches happened nationwide, in cities like Los Angeles, Washington, and New York. The Women’s March contained many celebrities and speakers: Katy Perry, Whoopi Goldberg, and Ellen Page. The Los Angeles Women’s March had an high number of people show up; according to the police and fire department there was well over 100,000 in attendance. However, according to organizers there was over 750,000.  Furthermore, officials stated that there was no arrests or major injuries.

Baldwin Park High School proctor Pamela Estrella attended the march, and explained why she participated, “I believe in legal immigration… they need to speed up the process to become a citizen in the United States.” The weather allowed the marchers to proceed without any problems. Sandra Cosio ankowledged this ironic  twist as she said,”Mother Nature also agreed with us that day, she gave us a beautiful day with sunshine.” Mrs. Cosio was grateful to experience the march and stated, “The street was filled with men, women, and children marching for unity, love and respect.”

The New York City Women’s March had an amazing turnout and had over 600,000 people attend. The 42 year old director of communication for Brooklyn, Megan Schulz was proud that the march was successful.  Schulz stated, “I think it’s a beautiful thing.” She went on to acknowledge the world effect of the Women’s March, saying “I’m heartened by the turnout and all the sister marches across the world.”

Overall, the Women’s Marches are sending a message that women will fight for their equality. The marches are more than just for women; these marches are for equality for all and they announced that President Trump will not divide the nation. The people of the United States made a statement to have equality for all and unity as a nation.




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