Have a Cup of Positivitea


MONTEREY PARK, CA– Macchiato is a coffee and tea café located in the Landmark Shopping Center at the corner of Garvey Avenue and Atlantic Boulevard. The café is in the same plaza as Ocean Star Restaurant, Chinese Dim Sum, and Half and Half, an infamous boba place. The plaza has an easy parking garage downstairs as well.

Two coffee enthusiasts opened Macchiato in 2011, serving coffee, tea, and dessert. It has expanded ever since, becoming like the second Starbucks in Monterey Park. It is open from 11 A.M. to 12 A.M., Mondays through Thursdays, and 11 A.M. to 12:30 A.M. on Fridays and Saturdays; rush hour happens after 9 P.M. It does not take reservations or deliver but does offer take-out, Wi-Fi, and outdoor seating.

Macchiato is best known for its Asian fusion in desserts and drinks, with the price range from $3 to $10. A colorful chalkboard menu hangs near the cash register with lights and other aesthetic décor placed around the café. If you’ve never been there, Macchiato has a Top Ten for its most popular items. You can also save up points to receive a free drink or waffle.

Its drinks have unique flavors such as Japanese Matcha, Horchata, Tiramisu, basic fruit flavors (peach, mango, etc.) and offer special orders with additional costs, such as soy pudding. The macchiatos are from $3 to $4 with various flavors, the slushes around $3, the coffee, frappes, mojitos, sea salt lattes, siphons, smoothies, teas, and milk teas are from $2 to $4. The menu has a wide variety of food to chose from. The desserts like cake and macaron range from $3 to $4, snacks like wonton soup and popcorn chicken range from $5 to $7, and the Belgian waffles are $8.50 with different side dishes.

My friends and I decided to try a matcha milk tea ($3.50), a strawberry smoothie with boba ($3.50), a vanilla macchiato with ice ($3.95), the popular potted plant macchiato ($3.95), strawberry and matcha macaron ice cream sandwiches ($4.25)), a mochi and chocolate Belgian waffle ($8.50), and a sundae Belgian waffle ($8.50). The matcha milk tea had a warm and interesting taste, with Baymax latte art to top it off! The strawberry smoothie was pretty mediocre with medium-hard boba, and the vanilla macchiato with a very cold and bitter aftertaste. The potted plant macchiato had to be the best drink, especially with crushed oreos and a cute little leaf on top. The macaron ice cream sandwiches were perfect in size, color, and flavor. The Belgian waffles were definitely my favorite: soft, chewy, and matching the marshmallows, ice cream, and fruits. I’ve never tasted anything as special as them before. Overall, I give Macchiato a 5/5 for its aesthetic presentation but a 3.5/5 for taste in food and drinks. The service was alright; the waitresses were helpful and patient.

Being successful in Monterey Park, Macchiato has also decided to open a second location in Hacienda Heights which will consist of a broader food menu. If you’re looking for a cute teahouse to study in or want to try something new, Macchiato is located 141 North Atlantic Boulevard Monterey Park. It can also be reached online at gotmacchiato.com or by phone at (626) 872-1351.

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